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InformAI Presents NSF-Awarded Work at Nvidia GTC 2022 Conference

InformAI is pleased to participate in the premiere Nvidia GTC 2022 conference to present its poster session entitled Deep Learning-Based Automatic Liver Volume Estimation and Segmentation via U-Net Convolutional Neural Network. The poster will be available for viewing during the entirety of the conference. On March 21, the team moderated a live Q&A session.

The poster highlights InformAI's NSF-funded organ transplant research and development. Solid organ transplantations require precise estimations of liver volume. Current volume estimates are demographic-based and are therefore imprecise and non-specific. Additionally, manual image annotation techniques are inefficient. We sought to build a deep learning model which could accurately estimate liver volumes and create three-dimensional organ renderings from standard images.

InformAI is a Nvidia Inception Partner, and is proud to participate in our third GTC conference in 2022. The Nvidia GPU Technology Conference is the #1 AI conference in the world. It is a global AI conference that brings together developers, engineers, researchers, inventors, and IT professionals. Topics focus on artificial intelligence, computer graphics, data science, machine learning and autonomous machines.

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