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InformAI Gives TED-Style Talk At National Transplant Meeting

InformAI was pleased to have been invited to participate in The Alliance’s National Pediatric Donation and Transplantation Summit held in Houston, Texas on May 24-25. This event convened the country’s leading experts, including pediatric specialists, intensivists, organ recovery professionals, transplant surgeons and more, to explore the current state of organ donation and transplantation in pediatrics. The event was endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, with focus areas including legal issues, ethical considerations, donor management, and transplant outcomes.

Dr. Rowland Pettit gave a TED-style talk entitled Bringing Real-Time Data Insights to Transplantation: A Ready Frontier for Precision Medicine. This talk explored the transformative impact that artificial intelligence (AI) has on enhancing clinical processes and outcomes in solid organ transplantation. With the rapid maturation of AI, exciting possibilities exist for AI-guided decision-making and real-time data synthesis.

InformAI wishes to thank Karri Hobson-Pape, Executive Director of The Alliance and Kevin Myer who serves on the board of directors for The Alliance and is also CEO of LifeGift. A special thanks is also extended to Stephanie Weaver of who served as a TED-style talk coach for the event.

For more information on InformAI’s transformative transplant technology, please visit InformAI’s website or reach out to

About InformAI

InformAI is a technology company focused on advancing healthcare through informatics. We use the power of artificial intelligence in practical healthcare applications to improve patient outcomes and streamline clinician workflows. To empower clinicians with the best possible solutions, we leverage our strategic partnerships within the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical provider with 10 million annual patient encounters. Our products provide data-driven analytics to assist physicians with decisions at the point of care to provide personalized patient solutions. Our products focus on high impact medical conditions including head and neck cancer, cardiac/thoracic surgery, and sinus conditions. For more information, visit

About The Alliance

The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance (“The Alliance”) delivers relevant, targeted and scalable learning solutions for the organ donation and transplantation community of practice – including organ procurement organizations (OPOs), transplant centers and programs, and hospitals where donations occur. By convening members across the community of practice, it is a platform to identify emerging concepts and innovative practices, and cascading resources and educational programs of transformational quality and value. The Alliance is not a membership organization, but partners with leading organizations across the continuum to advance a shared mission to save and heal lives through organ donation and transplantation.

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