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Joyance Inception Podcast Interviews InformAI CEO

Mike Edelhart, Managing Partner of Joyance Partners, recently interviewed InformAI Founder and CEO Jim Havelka for his Inception Podcast. Joyance Partners is an investor in InformAI. The company invests in dominant moment-of-inception investors focused on emerging science and technology designed to improve individual health. The Inception podcast highlights new beginnings -- new companies, new ideas, and new areas of science -- to provide a glimpse of the future.

In the podcast, Havelka delves into the highly efficient and innovative artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions the company has developed to improve radiologist productivity and speed up medical diagnosis at the point-of-care. He explains the benefits of being located in Houston, allowing them to directly access data from the world’s largest medical center complex, the Texas Medical Center, and shares how they also partner with other renowned healthcare organizations, national physician groups, and leading medical imaging companies, all with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.


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