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Digital Health Technology Company InformAI Closes $1.8M Funding Round Led by DEFTA Partners

Digital Health Technology Company InformAI Closes $1.8M Funding Round Led by DEFTA Partners

Houston, TEXAS -- Houston-based InformAI, a healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) startup, recently closed a $1.8M funding round to introduce AI healthcare applications that assist physicians in speeding up medical diagnosis at the clinical point-of-care.

DEFTA Partners (“DEFTA”), an international venture capital firm focused on companies bringing significant innovation to healthcare, led the round. DEFTA has invested in over 100 US and international companies. “With the goal of extending people’s healthy and productive life spans, we invested in InformAI because of their technical expertise in AI and strategic driven leadership in the industry. We are looking forward to supporting their rapid innovation to improve patient outcomes,” said Managing Director Kyoko Watanabe.

Additional investors include Joyance Partners and Social Starts, dominant moment-of-inception investors focused on emerging science and technology to improve individual health and happiness. “We have been gratified to invest in strong, young portfolio companies like InformAI that show promise in pioneering new science that can dramatically improve patient health,” said Joyance Investment Partner Jun Deng.

InformAI and its investors are focused on healthcare analytics because of the enormous opportunity to improve overall patient care and healthcare risk management in general, and to provide support during healthcare challenges associated with COVID. Led by Founder and CEO Jim Havelka, InformAI builds AI medical applications that assist physicians in detecting medical conditions present in 3D medical images and provide data insights for predicted patient outcomes/risks associated within a range of surgical procedures. The company is focused on a portfolio of novel AI healthcare solutions that support clinicians in medical specialties like the ENT field, thoracic surgery and cancer.

"I founded InformAI with the belief that Al will provide a paradigm shift for predictive analytic models within clinical medicine and healthcare operations. Our team has worked diligently to position Inform Al as a leader in this field,” said Havelka.

InformAI is a technology partner with Nvidia’s Inception Program, Microsoft for Startups Program and Amazon Activate Program. The company works closely with leading medical institutions within the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical provider with 10 million patient encounters every year, and leading imaging/medical device companies.

Contact:Jackie Coleman InformAI 281-670-7085

About InformAI InformAI has a healthcare focus on AI solutions that speed up medical diagnosis at the point-of-care and improve radiologist productivity. Our AI-enabled image classifiers and patient outcome predictors are developed within the world’s largest medical center complex, the Texas Medical Center. Together with our partners, InformAI is transforming the way healthcare is being delivered. About DEFTA Partners DEFTA Partners is a leading venture capital firm focusing on innovative technologies in IT and healthcare. DEFTA Partners foresees new opportunities in the integration of technologies in the IT, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other healthcare fields. The group invests in companies developing advanced therapeutics, health IT, and enabling technologies. About Joyance Partners and Social Starts Joyance Partners is a $20M venture capital partnership that invests in companies with a range of new technologies that have the potential to make individuals a healthier, which can lead to greater potential for happiness. Social Starts is a $60M+ venture capital partnership with a uniquely data-driven approach to investing in moment-of-inception and Series A financing rounds. The fund focuses on companies that leverage social and mobile technologies with a particular emphasis on the emerging science and technology of health and happiness. Social Starts has been named the top fund under $100M since 2013 and is consistently rated as one of the most active early stage funds worldwide.


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