Medical Image Classifiers.
Patient Outcome Predictors.
Transforming the Way Healthcare is Delivered.

InformAI has a healthcare focus on AI solutions that speed up medical diagnosis at the point-of-care and improve radiologist productivity. Our AI-enabled image classifiers and patient outcome predictors are developed within the world’s largest medical center complex, the Texas Medical Center. Together with our partners, InformAI is transforming the way healthcare is being delivered.

Our Solutions
InformAI is funded by the National Science Foundation and the Cancer Prevention Research Initiative of Texas (CPRIT).
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The InformAI Team

InformAI works with renowned healthcare organizations, national physician groups, and leading medical imaging companies to build solutions that improve patient outcomes. Our team is comprised of leaders in healthcare, medicine and artificial intelligence.

Jim Havelka, MS, MBA
Jack Barker
Anil Shetty, M.D.
Innovation Lead
Rowland Pettit, PhD, MBA
Chief Science Officer
Moshe Ephrat, M.D.
National ENT Practice
Elizabeth Hawk, M.D., PhD
Stanford Medical School
Kyle Myers, PhD
Regulatory Advisor
Jim Parker

Our Partners

Leading hospitals and clinics
Inception Program
Technology Partner
Partner Network

Our Solutions

At InformAI, we build artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms for industry-leading healthcare organizations.

An imaging classifier that detects multiple sinus features to improve ENT and radiology clinical workflows as well as surgical navigation functionality

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A deep learning solution to assist clinicians in developing a patient's customized and optimized head & neck radiation dose treatment plan

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A comprehensive integrated AI informatics dashboard to support the organ transplant clinical workflow to achieve more transplants and less organ non-use

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What Makes Us Different?


Proprietary data augmentation and model optimization utilities

Proprietary Data

Privileged datasets for product development

3D Classifiers

Assist radiologists and physicians in diagnosis

10X Data

Larger data sets for superior training and optimization


Direct access to world-renowned medical experts

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