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Advancing Healthcare Through Informatics

InformAI is a technology company dedicated to advancing healthcare through the development of AI-driven solutions.

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Mission: Our goal is to lead the transformation of healthcare through AI integration, establishing new standards for patient care and clinical excellence.

We focus on crafting high-quality, AI-driven enterprise software solutions that address specific clinical needs. We target critical medical fields including radiology, radiation oncology, and high acuity informatics.

Our portfolio, featuring our flagship RadOncAI and our development pipeline products of SinusAI and TransplantAI, is designed to deliver impactful solutions that enhance healthcare quality, safety and efficiency.


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RadOncAI enables AI-driven radiation therapy, generating an optimized radiation plan that targets tumors while minimizing exposure to adjacent healthy tissues.


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TransplantAI is a donor-recipient informatics platform that enables granular AI-powered transplant decisions at the point of care


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SinusAI advances CT imaging diagnostics with AI-enabled precision and efficiency

We design fit-to-purpose AI software for targeted clinical pain points

We develop enterprise-grade, seamless and scalable AI products

We unlock value directly through existing reimbursement frameworks

We partner with elite medical institutions and directly deploy with channel partners

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